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"""Greek language functions"""
import decimal
import textwrap
import os
TGR = "αβγδεζηθικλμνξοπρστυφχψωΑΒΓΔΕΖΗΘΙΚΛΜΝΞΟΠΡΣΤΥΦΧΨΩςάέήίϊΐόύϋΰώΆΈΉΊΪΌΎΫΏ"
TEN = "abgdezh8iklmn3oprstyfx4wABGDEZH8IKLMN3OPRSTYFX4WsaehiiioyyywAEHIIOYYW"

[docs]def isNum(val): # is val number or not """Check if val is number or not :param val: value to check :return: True if val is number else False """ try: float(val) except ValueError: return False except TypeError: return False else: return True
[docs]def dec(poso=0, decimals=2): """Returns a decimal. If poso is not a number or None returns dec(0) :param poso: the number to transofrm to decimal :param decimals: Number of decimals :return: A decimal number with specific number of decimal digits """ poso = 0 if (poso is None) else poso tmp = decimal.Decimal(poso) if isNum(poso) else decimal.Decimal('0') tmp = decimal.Decimal(0) if decimal.Decimal(0) else tmp return tmp.quantize(decimal.Decimal(10) ** (-1 * decimals))
[docs]def triades(txt, separator='.'): """Help function to split digits to thousants (123456 becomes 123.456) :param txt: text to split :param separator: The separator to use :return: txt separated by separator in group of three Example:: >>> import gr >>> gr.triades('abcdefg') 'a.bcd.efg' >>> gr.triades('abcdefg', separator='|') 'a|bcd|efg' """ return separator.join(textwrap.wrap(txt[::-1], 3))[::-1]
[docs]def dec2gr(poso, decimals=2, zero_as_space=False): """Returns string formatted as Greek decimal (1234.56 becomes 1.234,56) :param poso: number to format :param decimals: Number of decimal digits :param zero_as_space: if True then zero values become one space :return: Greek formatted number Example:: >>> import gr >>> gr.dec2gr('-2456') '2.456,00' >>> gr.dec2gr(0, zero_as_space=True) ' ' """ dposo = dec(poso, decimals) if dposo == dec(0): if zero_as_space: return ' ' else: return '0' sdposo = str(dposo) meion = '-' decimal_ceparator = ',' prosimo = '' if sdposo.startswith(meion): prosimo = meion sdposo = sdposo.replace(meion, '') if '.' in sdposo: sint, sdec = sdposo.split('.') else: sint = sdposo decimal_ceparator = '' sdec = '' return prosimo + triades(sint) + decimal_ceparator + sdec
[docs]def gr2dec(poso, decimals=2): """Returns decimal (12.345,67 becomes 12345.67) :param poso: text Greek formatted number :param decimals: decimal digits :return: Decimal number """ st = poso.replace('.', '') ds = st.replace(',', '.') return dec(ds, decimals)
[docs]def is_integer(val): """True if integer False otherwise""" if not isNum(val): return False dval = dec(val, 5) if dval - int(dval) != 0: return False return True
[docs]def is_positive_integer(val): """True if positive integer False otherwise""" if not is_integer(val): return False if dec(val) <= 0: return False return True
[docs]def grup(txtval): """Trasforms a string to uppercase special for Greek comparison """ ar1 = u"αάΆΑβγδεέΈζηήΉθιίϊΐΊΪκλμνξοόΌπρσςτυύϋΰΎΫφχψωώΏ" ar2 = u"ΑΑΑΑΒΓΔΕΕΕΖΗΗΗΘΙΙΙΙΙΙΚΛΜΝΞΟΟΟΠΡΣΣΤΥΥΥΥΥΥΦΧΨΩΩΩ" adi = dict(zip(ar1, ar2)) return ''.join([adi.get(letter, letter.upper()) for letter in txtval])
[docs]def cap_first_letter(txt): """Capitalize first letter. Example:: >>> import gr >>> gr.cap_first_letter('abcd') 'Abcd' """ lejeis = txt.split() ftxt = [] for leji in lejeis: ftxt.append(leji.title()) return ' '.join(ftxt)
[docs]def gr2en(txt, space=' '): """Greek to Greeglish :param txt: Text to translate to Greeglish :param space: If space == '' then capitalize txt """ gdic = dict(zip(TGR, TEN)) gdic[' '] = space if space == '': tmp = cap_first_letter(txt) else: tmp = txt ftxt = '' for char in tmp: if char in gdic: ftxt += gdic.get(char, char) else: ftxt += char return ftxt
[docs]def rename_file(fname, no_space=True): """Rename a file :param fname: file to rename :param no_space: remove spaces from filename :return: A filename in greekglish """ if no_space: space = '' else: space = '_' fnam, ext = os.path.splitext(fname) enam = gr2en(fnam, space) if ext: if enam: return ''.join([enam, ext]) else: if enam: return enam
[docs]def is_iso_date(strdate): """Check if strdate is isodate (yyyy-mm-dd) :param strdate: normally an iso formatted (yyyy-mm-dd) string :return: True if iso_date False else """ if strdate is None: return False ldate = len(strdate) if ldate != 10: return False if strdate[4] != '-': return False if strdate[7] != '-': return False year, month, day = strdate.split('-') if not is_positive_integer(year): return False if not is_positive_integer(month): return False if not is_positive_integer(day): return False if int(month) > 12: return False if int(day) > 31: return False return True
[docs]def date2gr(date, no_trailing_zeros=False): """Create Greek Date :param date: iso date 'yyyy-mm-dd' :param date: iso_date :param no_trailing_zeros: Month, Day without trailing zeros :return: 'dd/mm/yyyy' Example:: >>> import dategr >>> dategr.date2gr('2017-01-05) '05/01/2017' >>> dategr.dat2gr('2017-01-15, no_trailing_zeros=True) '5/1/2017' """ assert is_iso_date(date) def remove_zero(stra): """Remove trailing zeros""" return stra[1:] if int(stra) < 10 else stra year, month, day = date.split('-') if no_trailing_zeros: month, day = remove_zero(month), remove_zero(day) return '{day}/{month}/{year}'.format(year=year, month=month, day=day)
[docs]def is_weekdays(value): """Return True if value is weekdays False else""" strval = str(value) try: val1 = eval(strval) except Exception: return False try: lval = list(val1) except TypeError: return False if len(lval) != 7: return False # Need to check every single value in thelist for elm in lval: try: int(elm) except TypeError: return False return True